Transient shaper plugin that amplifies or attenuates the transients on an audio track.



Shaper is a transient shaper plugin that is to say it amplifies or attenuates the transients on an audio track. The transients are the parts of sound that change a lot in amplitude and in frequency, for example the attack of the sounds, but not only.

It uses an innovative principle by defining two types of transients. The plugin can be used to increase or decrease the attack of sounds, or to boost or attenuate some particular parts of the sounds.

The innovative point of the Shaper plugin is that the transient detection is based on quick signal changes, in terms of frequencies, in addition to the more usual one in terms of amplitude. In a given part of a sound, the more the frequencies and the amplitude change quickly, the more this part of the sound is detected as transient.

The plugin makes the difference between “two types” of transients: transients resulting from fast frequency changes, and transients resulting from fast amplitude changes.


Original sound

Shaper plugin used to increase the transients

Shaper plugin used to decrease the transients


Trial versions:




Additional information

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.9 or later (limited Catalina support)
Windows 7 or later
Graphics card compatible with OpenGL
Formats: AU / VST / VST3 / AAX


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