Single track spectral demixer plugin.


The Rebalance plugin is a spectral demixing plugin. It identifies vocal, bass, and drums in an already done musical mix, and makes possible to modify the gain of each of these parts from a single track. It processes efficiently in the spectral domain in real-time, by using machine learning techniques.




The Rebalance plugin requires a certain amount of CPU resources. And sound artifacts can appear with extreme values of the knobs. You are encouraged to test the trial version to check that the plugin matches your configuration and your usage.

When using the Rebalance plugin on Windows 10 and Cubase 10, it may be necessary to modify the ASIO Guard configuration as described in the support page.


Example of use: Decrease an instrument to create a backing track

The bass for example can be removed to almost 100 % from an already mixed track, and makes possible to play bass over this new created backing track. This is also possible to decrease vocal, drums, and in some cases guitars and keyboards.

Example of use: Prepare a song for karaoke

From a single track song, Rebalance can diminish the vocal part, which makes the result usable for singing over the remaining instrumental part.

Example of use: Adjust the level of instruments of a rough live recording

The Rebalance plugin makes possible to adjust the level of the different instruments and vocal of a recording of a live concert made on a single track. This can be useful for improving the sound of a live concert roughly recorded, in order to make a demo for example.

Example of use: Adjust the level of a sample extracted from a track

If you extracted for example a vocal sample from a song, but there are some remaining notes of keyboard, guitar or other instruments at the same time, the plugin can be used to lower these remaining sounds. And exactly the same way if you have a bass sample, a drum break or anything else that you want to enhance from the rest on an extracted sample.


Trial versions:




Additional information

System requirements

Mac OS X 10.9 or later (limited Catalina support)
Windows 7 or later
Formats: AU / VST / VST3 / AAX


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